TNT can now support you and your company via a remote session software. This allows TNT personnel to connect to your local computer and support you as if they where right beside you!

TNT's support tool is a cloud-based solutions so it doesn't require any setup on your local computer, you only need a Internet connection. The remote session software supplies an easy and non intrusive GUI, which permits our support personnel to connect to you and monitor or interact with your computer. This enables TNT to give you a much faster and more accurate support session.

If you wish to get more information about our support tools and how it works, please visit their webpages:

Citrix GoToAssist (tm)

TeamViewer (tm)
TeamViewer (tm) SecurityStatement

If you need help, please contact our Customer Services.
Phone: 020 - 960 960 (+46 42 402 2020)

Please follow the instructions from you support representative to start the remote session.

(Note, at the moment we are just evaluate TeamViewer as an alternative support tool.)